Finding the right packaging, the best form of capping, is a job for professionals. GRAVIS is a company which has specialised in this demanding sector for many years.


Our activity is divided across three packaging centres, dedicated to pharmaceutical, cosmetics and agri-food.

GRAVIS offers you advice and support with your research in terms of materials, types of glass, accessories, etc. in order to identify, together, the products which best meet your needs and constraints.

Our experience in the field of primary packaging distribution, combined with our geographical locations - Orly, Valenciennes, Lyons, Trélazé - enable us to work closely with you. In addition, our exports unit has been continuously growing for many years, serving our customers in over 40 countries.

Our pro-active and service-driven sales teams offer you their know-how and expert management of supplies, storage, deliveries and follow-up.


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